readers and do-ers

back in the day, my Swedish ancestors were referred to as lasare, or "readers"...

they were asking, "Where is it written?"
they were devouring the Scriptures to find meaning; to find life
they were entering God's story and learning about who God is
they were turning their hearts to God
they were experiencing new life in Christ and the Church
they were serving their communities

these "readers" were not simply on a quest to find the hidden meaning in life. they were not trying to get a leg up on their opposition so they could thwart them in debate. they were finding God. they were experiencing new life.

but what's even better is that after experiencing this new life in Christ, they changed their lives. they served people around them. they walked the footpaths of their communities and looked for the hurting, the lost, the least of these. they built houses of mercy, hospitals, schools.

you see, they were not simply "readers", but they were do-ers as well. they saw that faith requires action; it requires obedience; it requires a change in attitude and behavior. faith in Christ transforms who we are. in some ways, faith in Christ helps us draw closer to the person God created us to be.

i wonder, are there any "reader" left? look at the list above...
are we asking, devouring the Word, entering the story, turning hearts to God, experiencing new life, and serving others?

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