privilege, right, responsibility

the ongoing debate...HEALTH CARE...is it a Privilege, Right, or Responsibility?
this was the way a question was framed in one of the presidential debates...
i wonder, what is the Christian response?

some say privilege...really?
it's a privilege to have basic health care coverage in one of the wealthiest nations on earth? really? it's a privilege to be able to get well without going into debt? really?

only the privileged get to have access to the best health care?
only the privileged get speedy attention to their health needs?

surely the privileged must have done something special and significant to have achieved this status and earned this health care, right?

well, who are the privileged? people like me. but why am i one of them? why do i "deserve" these privileges? what makes me better? my skin color? my "hard work"? my education? my morals? my character? my voting record? my driving record? my citizenship? how did i become one of the "privileged"?

how does Christ deal with privilege?

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Country Parson (Steven Woolley) said...

I don't know how Christ deals with privilege, but I did get an e-mail today from a very conservative guy I know. He attends church every week, but his e-mail made it clear that the best way to deal with the poor is to let them sink or swim on their own. After all, that's the American way, and if they had a little "gumption" they would not be poor. He, by the way, became a multimillionaire in the early computer boom, all that he has is his because he earned it by hard work, and keep your hands off.