biblical leadership

what is biblical leadership?
can we look at the Bible and the traits of biblical leaders to make decisions on how we are to vote?

you can try.

but then we come to this guy named Jesus...
John 13 tells us that Jesus has authority, he has power, and how does he use it?
he takes a towel and washes his disciples' feet...
look how John puts this statement about Jesus' authority immediately before the foot washing...

so you want a model of biblical leadership? you want the president to be a "biblical" leader?

let me ask you this, "will he wash your feet?"

when he has power, will he admit his faults? ask for forgiveness?
when he has keys to nuclear codes, will he turn the other cheek?
will he pray for his enemies?
will he consider the poor and needy?
will he live in harmoney with his neighbor?

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