Isaiah 55:3a
"Come to me with your ears wide open.
          Listen, and you will find life." (NLT)

We listen ourselves to life.  In a world that is busy; that is frenetic; that is full; that encourages us to consume more, want more, get more, be more, and do more, we must stop to listen that we would find life.  Jesus offers an abundant life to those who might follow him.  He says that he is the Good Shepherd, and his sheep listen to his voice.


I cannot escape this word these days.  In reading Scripture, conversations with friends and colleagues, and other books that have called for my attention, the theme of listening seems to be everywhere.  Why is that?  What is it about this time in my life - this space in my vocational and familial life - that God is specifically reminding me of my need to listen?

Transition.  Excitement.  Possibility.  Opportunity.

Will I listen?  Will I let God lead?

Help us to listen, Lord, that we might find life.