a fascinating faith

i went down to Seattle tonight at Quest Church with some students and leaders from church to hear Shane Claiborne speak...

something to which Shane kept referring caught my attention and reminded me of a quote from his book, Jesus for President -
"God would save the world through fascination, by setting up an alternative society on the margins of the empire for the world to come and see what a society of love looks like.”
that word, fascination, keeps grabbing my attention...
Shane referred to Christianity as a religion that only works when it is embodied or lived

he used the passage from Luke 7 where John the Baptist is in prison and sends his disciples to ask Jesus whether he is really the Messiah.

how does Jesus respond?

[my paraphrase] "tell John what you see, tell him how i live"

how will people know if we're Christians? the way we live...

my question, sometime down the road, when my daughter asks why she can't have everything she wants and do all the things the other kids do, what will i say?

what will i have shown her? will i have shown her what it means to love Jesus? will she be equipped to show others about Christ?
update: you can find the audio at Eugene Cho's blog...


Country Parson (Steven Woolley) said...

You have plenty of readers and not many comments, and I know that gets discouraging, but keep it up. The problem with responding to this post is that it hits too many raw nerves of guilt. The simple answer is No, we seem to be unable to live together as Christians in a way that proves fascinating to the world. What a shame. My only comment has got to be Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa

mcdaniel clan said...

thank you for your comment...i felt the same way listening to Shane Claiborne and thinking about my life...thank you for the encouragement!