presidential debate I

one commentator put it best after the debate...if anything, you can see that McCain represents the "old" school and Obama represents the "new" school. i'm not necessarily saying "old" is bad and "new" is good in this situation. at least that's not the way people are perceiving thngs.

how was this represented? two things i know about John McCain after listening to the debate: 1) he has a long 'record' in politics/government 2) he has been to a lot of places and knows a lot of important people. great. he's also quite a bit older than Obama. congratulations! on the other side, Obama kept referring to: 1) we need a 21st Century approach 2) the mantra of change in contrast to the politics and policies of the current administration.

i don't know that either candidate won; rather, they both put forth their positions firmly and showed their differences clearly.

what do i think we need? we definitely need a change. anyone who thinks the last 8 years have been an improvement for the US is seriously ill. will the "old" school, 20th century mind-set of McCain/Palin bring change?

no way.

the 1 and only legitimate knock on Obama has been his lack of experience. last night Obama made it clear that he understands foreign relations and he gets the intimate connection between foreign relations and the economy. in the global economy the two are wed.

what say you?

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