Christmas Celebrations

it's been fun watching Youth Ministry blogs and Facebook pics to see the ways youth pastors across the country celebrate Christmas with their students. i'm not talking about youth talks and other lessons on the meaning of Christmas, but that not-often-blogged-about FUN and GAMES side of youth ministry!

so what do we do? our Junior Highers participated in a quick "Decorate-A-Student-As-If-They-Are-A-Christmas-Tree" game.

and the Senior High loaded the shuttle for our annual Christmas Extravaganza! what the heck is that? it's a progressive dinner, white elephant gift exchange, ugly Christmas sweater, fun night. we even throw in a little "Wright Family Christmas" game so that a few lucky kids can win some Starbucks' gift cards! cheeayyyyy! here's some pics...
so what do you do to celebrate with your youth?

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