the youth at worship

we've been experimenting with worship at our weekly youth group meetings, and i've been very encouraged.  i hope the students have too!  we started with an Ash Wed service which i posted about, and have since help an baptismal affirmation service and a Taize Communion service.

when challenged; when given the opportunity; when trusted...

students respond.

can Junior Highers sing Taize songs seriously?  can they focus for 30 minutes?
YES they can!

tonight was special for me.  i long for moments when young people can be freed to worship, encouraged to express their faith, and opened to new expressions of Christian worship.  my hope is that Sunday mornings can be the same; that on Sunday mornings they would feel truly included and engaged in the larger church.  they are, after all, part of the church right NOW.

praise God for our students and for His work in their lives.  

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