haze - teen drinking

what can i say.  i watched this short documentary [30 minutes] and was outraged.  i thought of all the stupid parties i went to in college and high school.  i can honestly say that this sort of story doesn't surprise me.  that's really sad.  that's really hard for me to admit.  it's hard for me to admit that i've been around people that were harming themselves with alcohol while the rest of us stood around like it was a show.

this is serious stuff.  this is real life.  if you think this doesn't or won't impact students you know, please think again.  binge drinking is a reality on most college campuses.  yes, even Christian colleges.  binge drinking is a reality in many high schools.  yes, even Christian schools.  
are we willing to talk about it?  are we willing to acknowledge the problem?  will we have frank, honest conversations with young people?  are we willing to admit our own short-comings, or will we chalk it up to "kids being kids"?

watch the film....weep.  get frustrated.  think.  educate.  tell someone.  have a tough conversation.  peace.

h/t http://rethinkingyouth.blogspot.com

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