Come to _____________ ?

This video from Len Sweet created by "The Work of the People" was speaking my language today.  I'm going to leave this short as I'm still processing these thoughts.  Maybe you can enter into the current monologue I have going in my brain.  Watch the video first, then think about this phrase that's been stuck in my head today:
Our benchmark for Christian faith isn't the Bible, it's Jesus.
I'm not sure I have much more to say.  This thought - this phrase - was stuck in my head as I drove to a youth pastor meeting today.  Is it a true statement?  Is it intelligible?  I'm not sure what to make of it, but there it is!

Like I said, check out the video.  Reflect.  Comment.


Randall Wilkens said...

The link?

Chad McDaniel said...

the link is there now! whoops!

Pastor Ken "k2" said...

Yes it is about Jesus, but Jesus is not standing in opposition to the church. Jesus loves the church, and gave his life for her. Jesus loves the church, so shouldn't we love the church as well? We do need to correct her when she wanders away from Jesus, but not all churches have stopped lifting up Jesus. It's a good reminder that we worship a triune God, not the Bible that points us toward God.