Me 3

Have you ever heard the saying, "Me 3"?  It's a catchy little thing reminding Christians to put God 1st, others 2nd, and me 3rd.  The idea of putting others first, looking to the interests of others, and refusing selfish desires is all over the Bible.  We are a people called to love other people above ourselves because we serve and follow a Savior who modeled this very thing.  As Paul said, "Who being in very nature God...made himself nothing by taking the very nature of a servant."  Jesus is our model for the "Me 3" attitude.

Check out this video before reading on...

While I watched this video I kept waiting and waiting and waiting for something.  Can you guess it?  What would it be?  I kept waiting for the reporter to say something like, "Tom is a Christian!"  I kept waiting for the "Good Samaritan" to say he does this because of his faith.  But there's no mention of faith in this story.  This man is putting the "Me 3" idea to work because of his concern and care that others were treated like he was treated years ago.  Hmmmmmm.  Seems like a biblical concept to me!

So why can't we grasp this?  Why is it so hard for us to regularly put the "me 3" attitude into practice?  My recent posts have centered on this very idea, "What if Christians lived as Jesus taught us to live and became identified as a 'me 3' people; a people know by their love for others?"  


What can we learn from this man's story?  What are we missing?  Why do I remain so selfish when God has been so self-less with me?

"They'll know we are Christians by our LOVE."

Not by our bumper stickers.  Not by our t-shirts.  Not by our ability to memorize Scripture or perform miraculous signs.  Not by our morality or rule following.  The world will know we are Christians by our love.  Will we give ourselves, and others, enough grace to follow through on Jesus' command to love as he loved us?

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Steve Martin said...

What a great guy!

No way of knowing if he was a Christian or not.

I think I would have at least put something on the card if I were not up to telling people about how Jesus helps us in our time of need. (in the time of our greatest need - pulling us up out of the grave).

Thanks for sharing!