Pursuing Creativity

I ran across a video on creativity shortly after my last post, "What if Money Was No Object?," and I believe there is a connection.  I wonder, how many of us give ourselves the time to actually think about our passions, gifts, and desires in life?  How many of us will really allow ourselves to consider the question, "What if money was no object?"

It's no secret we live in a society that prides itself on "keepin' busy."  It's no secret that we are too busy (or at least we think we are!).  I remember reading an article a year or so ago that spoke to this point in relation to our smart phones.  The fact is, any time we once had to think, to be creative, to reflect on our day, is now filled with Angry Birds, Facebook, Twitter, and [insert your favorite smart phone app here].  Remember when you sat waiting for someone and you thought about your day, you thought about conversations you had, you actually called someone and talked to them?  Remember?  I do, and I'm one of the guiltiest when it comes to filling my life with iPhone apps.  It's too easy.  It's to easy to remain distracted, numb, disconnected from our own thoughts.  And darn it, some of those games are really, really fun and addicting!

Check out this video on creativity:

It's remarkable.  Did you notice the difference in the drawings?  Did you see what difference a little time (10 minutes) can do for creativity?  Wow!  Do you have 10 minutes for creativity?  Do you have 10 minutes to listen to God and let Him get your creative juices flowing?  Are you giving yourself time to truly be creative?  Is there an idea, a thought, a concept percolating inside you, trying to get out, that you can't quite articulate because you aren't giving yourself the time to fully develop and share it with the world?

I was at a retreat two weeks ago where Ruth Haley Barton was the speaker.  She talked about finding time to be quiet and listen to God.  She mentioned that her own journey began with only 10 minutes a day.  It's a challenge.  What if we spent 10 minutes a day listening?  Let's do this and see what God might reveal inside us!

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