What is Hope?

like every other Youth Ministry out there, we are about to kickoff our Fall programming.  there has been so much momentum created through Summer trips and events; there is a lot to anticipate!

this year our theme for our weekly Youth Group meetings is, "Agents of Hope," or something like that.  as i listened to students share their stories after one of our major summer youth trips, i was struck by the number of kids whose lives have been changed because they found HOPE in Jesus.  when they didn't have friends, didn't want to live any longer, or were looking for fulfillment in destructive behaviors, they found HOPE in Jesus.  they found that Jesus could offer them what all these other things could not - a bright HOPE for tomorrow!  what a concept?!  Jesus offers hopes to the hopeless and help to the helpless.  we see this in his ministry as described in the Gospels, and know that his ministry continues today, 2000 years later.
my question, before i give away our whole "curriculum" for the year:
What is hope, and why do you have it?
i ask this question because 1 Peter 3:15 says, "Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have."

well, what's your reason for HOPE?  are you prepared to give an answer?  because i'm asking!

i'm concerned that we aren't ready.  i'm concerned that i haven't thought this through enough.  i know i have hope in Christ, but why?  what experiences have given me hope?  how has Jesus been my hope in times where i've needed him?  

why do you have hope?  what's your story?


i remember the first time i met one of my brother-in-laws.  he was dating my wife's sister and they were in college.  we all met at a Pizza Hut.  when he introduced himself i asked, "So what's your story?"  it was sort of funny.  it was sort of rude.  but it was honest.  who are you?  where are you from?  what gives you life?  where are your hopes; your values; your priorities?  

what's your story?  what gives you hope?  how do you define hope?

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