Helping People "Hope"

Watch this short video please.

Yeah, maybe it's a plug for Starbucks, but it's so much more!
"People without hope come in here for hope."
I wish people said that about church. There's so much to say about this little video. I was literally on the brink of tears as I thought of this man who is doing something so SIMPLE, yet so INCREDIBLE to bring hope and joy to people facing traumatic circumstances.

What about me? What about you?

How can we show HOPE in a tangible way to our community?

As we prepare to celebrate the Resurrection, the ultimate sign of HOPE, how can we demonstrate our hope in a TANGIBLE way?

Dan says,
"I'll do it to my last breath and my last dollar."
But what about us? What are we committed to; passionate about; hopeful about? What are we willing to do to our last breath and last dollar?

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Debbie Willer said...

Loving the blog, Chad! Thought-provoking stuff.