after cruising through Leviticus in the Bible reading "scheme," i had to pause. at our home group we found ourselves asking the question, "What?," as in, "What is this about? What are we to do with this?"

i was quickly reminded of two things:
1) A quote from Shane Claiborne in Jesus for President,
“God would save the world through fascination, by setting up an alternative society on the margins of the empire for the world to come and see what a society of love looks like.”
2) A presentation from TED.com, A.J. Jacob's Year of Living Biblically. take the time to watch the video below, it's only 18 minutes!

reflect. "What is the point of Leviticus?" i'm interested in your answers!

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Country Parson said...

Consider the imputed place of Leviticus as a set of laws given during the forty years of tramping around in the desert. I cannot imagine a better way to form a ragtag group of unorganized Israelites into the nucleus of a nation. It's really quite remarkable. Our form of it comes from post exilic years in which restoration of that sense of nationhood was first in importance, and again it's quite remarkable. With that in mind, I've come to appreciate Leviticus for what it accomplished in the time of its need.