the Blue Parakeet II

what's the purpose of the Bible?  what is the overall theme of the Bible?  is there one?

i like how one of the pastors i work with says it: "the Bible is the story of God's relentless pursuit of us."  how true!

in the Blue Parakeet, McKnight talks about the Story in 5 parts [and no, he's not crazy exclusive about this!].
1) Oneness - creation
2) Otherness - sin
3) Otherness expands - sin expands!
4) One in Christ - redemption
5) Perfectly One - consummation

there is a Story in the Bible, and sometimes we forget that it is a BIG story.  the Bible isn't about grabbing a verse here and there to make ourselves feel better on a particular day.  the Bible isn't focused on making us feel good.  the Bible is about us locating ourselves in the Story.  it's about helping us come into contact with the God who pursues us.

McKnight says, "God's idea of redemption is community-shaped."

is our idea of redemption and, therefore, our reading of the Bible too narrow?  have we made it all about us?  we have a scary tendency to do just that - to make everything about us.  let me tell you, in working with students and in my own life, the desire to make everything about me is there.  but the Bible is about the Story; it's about the BIG picture.

the question remains, how do YOU and I fit in?

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