romans 7

i've been off and on this "read the bible in a year" program of sorts since last May [i think]...

today's readings [i'm a week behind] were from Romans 6 and 7.  i can't get over Paul's honesty.  Paul, the know-it-all, Pharisee of Pharisees, admits he does what he doesn't want to do.  it's these sorts of honest reflections on the human condition that make the bible more real for me.  Paul admits that there are things he wants to do but doesn't and things he does do but doesn't.  Paul is imperfect.  Paul is like me.  Paul is human.  


Paul also recognizes God's kindness.  Paul recognizes that God is the instigator of the reconciliation.  in the New Living Translation which i've been reading the translation says that we were enemies of God, but now God calls us friends because of the reconciliation made through Jesus Christ.

do you want to be God's friend?  do you want to be in relationship with the Creator of all that is?  it is available.  God is available.  Christ came to point us toward God and reveal God's grace and kindness.

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Chris Brundage said...

Acts portrays Paul and Barnabas having a sharp disagreement and parting ways -- another example of the humanness of Bible characters.

Thanks for visiting my site. Peace to you today.