way of the pilgrim

just finished reading the way of the pilgrim, the classic story of a Russian nomad who discovers the "Jesus Prayer."

the prayer involves repeating the words, "Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner" while focusing on one's breathing. 

not so difficult, right?  not so life-changing or mind-altering, right?

why does the pilgrim discover this prayer?  he is on a search for an answer to the question, "how is it possible for one to pray without ceasing?  Paul talks about praying endlessly, so how is it possible?  the Jesus Prayer is the pilgrim's answer...

is it possible?  would praying this prayer really have the power it has over the pilgrim?

i have tried to practice this prayer myself as a way of centering my thoughts before reading Scripture, and it has proved worthy.  it helps calm one's thoughts and focus not on personal needs or wants, but on Christ and our need for mercy.

what do you do to pray?  have you found a way to pray without ceasing?  are you like me and you just need to find a way to pray, period?

what's the magic formula people?!!

certainly this is going in the wrong direction...

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